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King Lang Art & Airbrushing
Art by
Carrie King-Lang.
49768 stitches at 165.4 mm wide by 266.8 mm high; 7 color design.

Boettcher Automotive
Art by Woody
9944 stitches at 127.4 mm wide by 40.4 mm high; 5 color design.

Boettcher.jpg (352358 bytes)

Butch's Auto
Art by Woody
8637 stitches at 118.3 mm wide by 57.3 mm high; 4 color design.

Butchs.jpg (358568 bytes)

Lincoln County Humane Society    
From clip art provided
20581 stitches at 94.7 mm wide by 85.8 mm high

From cartoon artist Jeff Bucchino of 
The Wizard of Draws
18014 stitches at 77.6 mm wide by 83.6 mm high, highly detailed, 18 color design.

Bay Area Transplant
Art by Woody
8929 stitches at 101.8 mm wide by 44.1 mm high; 5 color design.

BayArea.jpg (326662 bytes)

Merf’s Wild Thing
Art provided.
46113 stitches at 304.9 mm wide by 160.6 mm high; 7 color design.

WildThing small.jpg (1929259 bytes)


                            Lighthouse Series for River Hills of New Holstein, Wisconsin

AdmiraltyHead.jpg (211354 bytes)

GraysHarbor.jpg (345999 bytes)

LimeKiln.jpg (187390 bytes)

Admiralty Head
15820 stitches
82.8 mm wide by 74.8 mm high

Point No Point
13889 stitches
83 mm wide by 76.8 mm high

Gray’s Harbor    
13918 stitches
83 mm wide by 80.1 mm high

PointNoPoint.jpg (269924 bytes)

NewDungeness.jpg (275314 bytes)

PointWilson.jpg (181918 bytes)

Lime Kiln
15065 stitches
83 mm wide by 77.6 mm high

Point Wilson          
14395 stitches
83 mm wide by 81.4 mm high

New Dungeness 
13862 stitches
83 mm wide by 77.1 mm high

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